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Net Worth = $10.2M Recent life events = moved Predicted customer lifetime value = high
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Grow with accurate, predictive, and actionable people data.
How It Works
Build a Data-Driven Strategy That Generates Results
The State of the Luxury Market in 2022
January 2022
Windfall’s CEO, Arup Banerjee, hosts a discussion with Josh Levy from Equity Estates on the prospects of recovery, what has changed, and what luxury brands can do to best position themselves for 2022.
About Us The Windfall Difference
  • Precise
    Windfall provides the insights you need – not within a range, but exactly. With the most comprehensive deterministic data set and highest match rate of any provider, you gain a source of truth that all teams can trust.
  • Up-to-Date
    Windfall data is always current. We integrate with your systems and workflows, synching millions of records weekly or daily, so you can always count on the accuracy of your insights.
  • Omnichannel
    From adtech systems to direct mail and more, you can activate Windfall data across your digital and offline ecosystem across channels, campaigns, and workflows.
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