Database Opt Out

Windfall Data, Inc. (“Windfall”) provides data services to customers to help them reach consumers who are more likely to be interested in receiving their information. We routinely remove consumers from these services upon request.

You may click here, or fill out the form below to opt out of Windfall’s database. Please note that, in order to account for multiple instances of common names, our database is organized by name and address. Accordingly, we need the following information to be able to process your opt out: (a) first and last name, and (b) current address. We also recommend that you provide us with other addresses you have lived at in the past five years, which may help us to opt you out even if we have not yet acquired your current address information. If you decide to opt out in this way, we will stop using data related to the name and address(es) you provide in Windfall’s proprietary database to help our customers send or tailor ads and content to you.

  • As described in our Privacy Policy, you may be required to submit additional information if you request to opt out through an authorized agent.
  • Separate opt outs are required for each individual in the household.
  • By opting out with Windfall, you’re opting out of Windfall’s databases only, not databases belonging to other companies. There are other companies similar to Windfall that provide consumer information to marketers for marketing purposes, and you should also opt out with them if you don’t want your information shared for marketing purposes.
  • Please note that while your opt out will prevent us from further disclosing data related to the name and address(es) you provide, you may still receive marketing due to marketing campaigns already underway and marketing campaigns based upon other sources of data.
  • By submitting a request to opt out, you understand that the personal information you provide will only be used to facilitate the opt-out process.

This Database Opt Out Policy was last updated on January 1, 2020.

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