Fireside Chat: A Conversation About Data-Driven Fundraising in 2021
  • 58 Minutes

Join Windfall CEO and Co-Founder, Arup Banerjee, and EverTrue CEO and Founder, Brent Grinna, for an insightful fireside chat on the future of data-driven fundraising.

Combining decades of experience, Arup and Brent discuss:

  • Future trends in fundraising
  • The impacts of digital transformation
  • How machine learning allows for better decision making
  • The importance of screening frequency
  • Workflow frameworks to put data to work

Don’t miss this great conversation on the future of fundraising, and how you can use data to position your organization to have the greatest impact.

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Arup Banerjee - CEO & Co-Founder, Windfall
Brent Grinna - CEO & Founder, Evertrue
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