Data Science Techniques for Advanced Propensity Models

Join Windfall Founder & CEO, Arup Banerjee, and Principal Data Scientist, Sean MacRae, for a fascinating deep dive into advanced machine learning algorithms that power propensity models. Arup and Sean cover:

  • The evolution of data science
  • How to adopt machine learning depending on institutional data maturity
  • Deep dives into specific algorithms, such as, random forest and neural network algorithms
  • Advantages and drawbacks of various algorithms depending on the target
  • How to interpret and check model performance

This is a great overview of some of the techniques that Windfall employs to help organizations better identify, segment, and engage with their most valuable donors and prospects.

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Arup Banerjee - CEO & Co-Founder, Windfall
Sean MacRae - Principal Data Scientist, Windfall
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