Engaging HNW Individuals with Data-Driven Workflows

How affluent are your customers? How big is your market? How do you break through the noise? Ideally, you could snap your fingers and answer these questions and easily identify, understand, and engage the right affluent households.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Over almost two years, we have seen dramatic changes in the distribution of wealth in the United States and the situation is constantly evolving, particularly with affluent households. Without the right data and insights strategy in place, brands face substantial challenges with:

  • Understanding consumer purchasing trends
  • Evaluating Total Addressable Markets (TAM)
  • Efficiently acquiring net new customers

Join Jessica Tait, Director of Product Marketing, for a deep dive into how leading brands are building wealth intelligence into their workflows to accelerate growth. 

Jessica covers: 

  • The challenges for brands in today’s environment 
  • Opportunities to leverage machine learning and AI
  • Best Practices for implementing data-driven marketing


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Jessica Tait - Director, Product Marketing
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