Enrich Your Campaign Feasibility Study with Data and Machine Learning

Feasibility studies are an invaluable part of the capital campaign process; done correctly, they can ensure that your capital campaign succeeds. Unfortunately, getting those reliable feasibility insights is a challenge. Consultants are expensive, doing it yourself requires serious time commitments, and neither option may lead to truly predictive results.

Join Jessica Tait, Director of Product Marketing, and Kacie Little, Customer Success Manager, to hear how your nonprofit can leverage wealth data and machine learning to ensure that both your campaign feasibility study and your campaign are a success.

You’ll learn:

  • Why campaign feasibility studies are an important part of capital campaign planning
  • How wealth data and propensity modeling can be utilized to ensure that your feasibility study provides accurate results
  • Measuring the performance of your feasibility study and capital campaign
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Jessica Tait - Director, Product Marketing
Kacie Little - Customer Success
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