Windfall’s Consultant Partner Program: A Data-Driven Approach to Fundraising

Identifying which donors and prospects have the greatest financial capacity is essential for nonprofits to supercharge their fundraising strategies and maximize contributions. Unfortunately, especially in today’s economic climate, it can be very difficult to get a complete understanding of a constituents’ wealth profiles. This is where consultants can help; they bring a breadth of expertise that can be used to power data-driven fundraising for nonprofit organizations.

Join Linda Yuan, Windfall’s Director of Business Development, to learn how consultants can effectively work with Windfall to leverage wealth data and machine learning for true data-driven fundraising.

You’ll learn:

  • How Windfall’s net worth data helps organizations to identify, understand, and engage the right high-net-worth households
  • How Windfall partners with consultants
  • What tools Windfall offers our consultant partners
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Linda Yuan - Director, Partnerships
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