Actionable Consumer Financial Data
Precise Consumer Intelligence for Data-Driven Growth
  • Analyze
    Identify the highest-value customers and prospects for your product
  • Profile
    Gain a deep understanding of their wealth profile & key attributes
  • Engage
    Activate your audiences across all channels with the right message at the right time

Windfall Application

The Windfall Application is now available! Give your go-to-market teams access to the power of the Windfall Platform. With the Windfall Application, you can streamline workflows, deploy cross-channel campaigns, and gain strategic insights.

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Precise Net Worth

With a focus on the affluent, Windfall has built a proprietary dataset that delivers net worth with a new level of precision. Armed with a virtual balance sheet at the individual household level, you can focus on the right audience with greater confidence.

Consumer Signals

In addition to net worth, Windfall provides a range of consumer attributes that provide meaningful insights into your customers and prospects. These wealth indicators and interests are signals that help you further segment your audience, improve predictive modeling, and guide your engagements.

Predictive Modeling

Maximize outcomes with a data-driven approach to customer acquisition. Leveraging machine learning to marry your first-party data with our consumer intelligence, Windfall predictive models are optimized to achieve your specific business goals.


Throughout your engagement, Windfall ensures our data solutions continue to provide measurable ROI. Our team continuously optimizes your data models and delivers regular attribution reports showing the outcomes you're realizing.

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