Customer Success
Your Partner in Generating Data-Driven Strategies and Outcomes

Dedicated Support

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) works with you to understand your organization's definition of success, create a customized program plan tailored to your business needs, and support optimal implementation and integration of Windfall's data into your workflows.

  • ▪ Single point of accountability
  • ▪ US-based
  • ▪ 24-hour response time

Your Trusted Partner

A guided onboarding is just the start of your customer success engagement. Your CSM provides ongoing guidance with quarterly business reviews, trainings, and meetings. We help you iterate on your data strategy and ensure you’re meeting your goals.

Proven Best Practices

Windfall works with over 500 organizations across different verticals with a spectrum of use cases. We’ve compiled and continue to expand a library of best practice guides to help your team get the most of their data.

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