Data Link
Build a foundation for data-driven fundraising with a unified view of your constituents

Take Command of Your Data

CRMs, spreadsheets, databases, marketing tools, and ticketing & payment platforms can be difficult to link. Regardless of format, Windfall is able to deduplicate and link them all with a match-id's. With Windfall’s data providing third-party validation, a match confidence score, and continuous updates, customers control how records are linked and when they're deduplicated.

A Holistic View

Connect different sources of constituent information - donor databases, event engagements, patient data, alumni rosters, member rolls, locations, and any other point of engagement. Your team gets a complete view of your constituents to drive their fundraising efforts.

A Foundation for Innovation

A trustworthy and robust dataset provides your organization a system of truth with which to improve the performance of propensity modeling & support outreach activities.

Seamlessly Integrated
Actionable insights incorporated directly into your systems and workflows

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See how Windfall can help you identify, understand, and engage your affluent prospects with the industry’s most precise, up-to-date net worth dataset.

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