Data-Driven Development
The most up-to-date, actionable insights into your affluent constituents
  • Prioritize
    Focus your development on donors with the greatest potential
  • Segment
    Uncover hidden gems in your donor base and maximize their gift potential
  • Engage
    Establish and cultivate valuable relationships with meaningful insights into your prospects

Wealth Screening, Redefined

A data science company with a focus on the affluent, Windfall empowers nonprofits with a new approach to consumer intelligence. Unlike legacy aggregators, we provide precise net worth, calculated weekly, and synced with your records as often as you like.

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In addition to net worth, Windfall provides a range of additional personal and household attributes. These wealth indicators, interests, and signals give you a deeper understanding of your constituents. Use these insights to further segment your audience and formulate the right strategy for each prospect.

Propensity to Give

Focus your valuable development resources on the right donors. Whether you’re a University with a large capital campaign or a hospital building a grateful patient program, Windfall’s propensity models are optimized to achieve your unique goals. PTG applies data science to marry your first-party data with Windfall’s rich dataset to create custom models, which have been proven to outperform other techniques such as heuristic analysis, gift capacity, or RFM modeling.

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Data Link

Get a unified view of your prospects. Data Link deduplicates and connects all the disparate constituent data you have stored across departments, locations, databases, and systems, to give you a system of truth to drive your fundraising efforts.

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Customer Success

Every Windfall customer works closely with a dedicated customer success manager to create a customized program tailored to achieving their specific business outcomes.

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Seamlessly Integrated
Actionable insights incorporated directly into your systems and workflows

Wealth Analytics Report

Understand the hidden potential of your database today with a free match analysis.

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