Wealth Screening, Redefined.
Get a complete understanding of your constituents, from precise net worth and liquidity events to philanthropic habits and career insights.

Precise Net Worth

Up-to-date, precise net worth values are central to our wealth screening offering. Unlike legacy data aggregators that return wealth ranges at the neighborhood level, Windfall incorporates deterministic inputs and proprietary algorithms to deliver a precise net worth figure at the household level.

Wealth Screening

Windfall’s wealth screening solution gives you accurate, up-to-date attributes for all of your constituent records, so you can identify and understand the right donors. On top of net worth, we deliver insights like liquidity events, philanthropic donations, property ownership, and recent mortgages.

Career Intelligence

Enhance your constituent understanding with accurate, trustworthy employment insights from Windfall. Easily identify your most valuable and influential constituents with attributes such as job title, function, and employer.

What Makes Us Different

Precise Net Worth

Windfall delivers an accurate, precise net worth figure at the household level.


Windfall rebuilds its entire dataset on a weekly basis and can sync with your data daily, ensuring your team is guided by the most reliable information.

Best-in-Class Customer Success

Every Windfall customer works closely with a dedicated customer success manager to achieve their desired outcomes.

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Actionable insights incorporated directly into your systems and workflows

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