Become Data-Driven with the Windfall Application.
The Windfall Application enables fast and agile activation of insights into go-to-market workflows, such as granular cohort analyses, real-time campaign building, and automated predictive scores on buyer intent.

Easily Bring Together Your Customer Data

Bring your valuable customer data together by leveraging our integrations. Once your data is synced with the Windfall Application, we automatically enrich your records with hyper-accurate insights for better understanding, segmentation, and activation.

Precisely Segment Your Customers

Enhance your customer targeting with comprehensive segmentation from the Windfall Application. Perform ad-hoc analysis and create net-new targeting segments with Windfall insights and predictive models.

Target the Same Audiences across All Channels

Coordinate your campaign across your media mix for an omnichannel experience. With the Windfall Application, you can deploy the same high-value audiences across 300+ destinations including digital, social, and direct marketing channels.

Understand Your Best Customers

Gain rich intelligence about your customers and prospects. The Windfall Application offers end-to-end insights to help you define your best customers, measure market potential, and evaluate cross-channel campaign performance.

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